Stripes: Music Obsessions of the Week

Hey! Seeing as both Sequins and myself are bringing in new parts of ourselves to the blog, I decided it might be fun to do a music post every week or so because music is my single biggest non-academic hobby. So this week I’ve found some really cool new songs and rediscovered a few old favorites. Hope you enjoy!

I LOVE the original of this song. OMG. It is one of those songs you can listen to on loop for hours. When a friend sent me this video yesterday I was hooked! 5 people, 1 guitar? Oh heck yes!

This song warrants a bit of a personal story: as you may know, or probably not because I haven’t talked about it all that much, I graduate college in June after 5 years up here and I have started coming to terms with the fact that I will be making some huge life changes in June when I move. I’ve been somewhat emotional thinking about all these impending changes and this song really speaks to the part of me that’s processing all the newness in my future.

Ok, and a huge shift back into the silly part of life. This song is awesome. The end.

I have secretly, recently started LOVING Tay Swift. Man she’s great.

And a silly one, though I really love the resolve at the end. I’ve been reading the series [for the first time…I know nerd fail!] recently and I am about half way through the last book so this video was perfect. So silly and so wonderful!

Have any of you heard any songs you just can’t stop listening to this week?

Hope you all have a lovely start to your weeks!


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