Sequins: Shelter From The Storm

*I’m totally in Canada with my Monsieur, being decadent, drinking, and visiting art museums, so enjoy this scheduled post while I frolic! I’ll be sure to have him snag a photo or two, so be on the look out for a “foreign” post soon!

Stripes and I got together to do our usual on-my-lunch-break-photo-session, stepped outside, and were just blasted by the wind. And rain. We pouted our way to the only public facility that would provide adequate shelter, all the while bemoaning our lack of a contingency plan in such a situation (which is really silly on our part, considering we live in one of the rainiest, windiest areas in the country). All the photos from this session were taken inside because the outside photos looked like this:

Coat: H& M; Ear Warmers: Gift; Skirt: Kensi; Tights: Macys; Boots: I will never remember

It was really miserable. Like, really really miserable. 20-30 mph winds, with 50-60 mph gusts. Yuck!

Stripes and I have been super covert about our photo sessions because, well, we live in a really small town and we’re shy. So covert operations inside a public library proved a little difficult. These photos are the best we managed to snap:

Sweater: thrifted F21; Sequined Top: Charlotte Ruse; Pin: Made it myself

Every ten seconds or so, it seemed, someone would wander by and every time, without fail, Stripes would pretend to browse the books on the shelves. As if it wasn’t super obvious what we were doing (my camera is noisy. there was giggling. it was not covert at all). And, of course, the second she faux-browsed, I’d panic and do the same.

Stripes was giggling too hard to take non-blurry photos, so blame her for the quality šŸ˜‰

Also, the second we left, I remembered there’s a parking garage a block away from my office where we’ve previously discussed doing rainy day photos. So, you know, hopefully next time we’ll manage to remember before we make silly blogging fools of ourselves in the Public Library. Whoops!


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