Stripes: Skinny Jeans


The weather up here in the Northwest has been AWFUL! Although Sequins and I have been very fortunate to get lots of pictures between showers, this whole week has been one big storm. We realized we have yet to come up with any good covered locations to take pictures. While we have since brainstormed some really excellent options, we decided to take these pictures in the library downtown.

It was seriously one of the funniest photoshoots we’ve ever done (and that includes the myriad of weird pictures we took in the Canada trip). First off, it is super hard to find a secluded section of the library. While this is great, we both support reading, it makes it very hard to take pictures without being noticed or getting epic photobombs. Secondly, libraries are quiet. Sequins camera makes a little noise every time you take a picture and it made us laugh every time it happened because while we don’t usually notice it it seemed like it was 1000 times louder than usual in the quiet room. Needless to say, this will be the last set of pictures you will see from this library.

Now on to the actual post: as you probably read (in this post) I got the boots I have been lusting after for months and LOVE THEM. A lot. The only problem I encountered (aside from convincing myself I was just weathering them while I wore them in the pouring down rain) was that my wardrobe isn’t all that boot friendly. I have a handful of skirts but they don’t really go with the boots, so Sequins accompanied me on my first leggings/skinny jeans buying adventure. This was the only decent, non-blurry picture from my first day wearing them in public. But, as you can see, I was indeed successful in my shopping trip (and much thanks to Sequins for being there for emotional support-nothing like breaking out of your usual jeans style to transform a girl back to the throes of pants shopping during that awkward stage of puberty…you know the one). But one thing lingers: I am having a hard time accepting my body in skinny jeans.

I have been a die-hard fan of boot cut and flare style jeans (straight leg when I’m feeling adventurous) ever since Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear told me if I wear jeans that taper towards my ankles I will look like an ice cream cone. And, as a girl with an hourglass waist, I’ve got my fair share of hip.

Time to be honest: I’ve been self-conscious of my hips/thighs since I was a kid. My mom did a pretty good job at convincing me to embrace myself as I was but I still cringe at the idea of wearing jeans that are so tight on my legs. Going into the fitting room to try on these jeans, I really did feel like the 13 year old girl who couldn’t find a pair of jeans that fit in a stack of 15 (true story from when I was a kid, man I’m glad that awkward stage is over). Sequins can vouch. I was nervous. I complained. I was whiny.

But I’m glad I got them. They (along with the leggings from the original boots post) marked the start the transition of my wardrobe from youth to grown up. It looks weird typed out like that but that’s exactly where I feel like I am right now. I am graduating in a little over 5 months and I want to be ready. I (perhaps falsely) believe having the clothes to feel confident while navigating this new world I am about to enter is going to help me feel more comfortable on my quickly approaching new journey. Although I’m still adapting to the feeling of nervousness that comes with trying new styles and breaking away from some of those fashion rules I’ve clung to for years I’m willing to try new things and move away from the same styles I’ve relied on since I was in high school (have no fear, though, I’m not going to toss all my rules aside. I’ll still never wear light pink ever again if I can help it…Irish complexion+light pink=one very pink hot mess). But I do see value in seeing myself in a new way and showing that 13 year old girl that you can indeed find jeans that fit that aren’t the same old boot cut (though, you’d be hard pressed to see me buy real pants from a store other than The Gap. Old habits die hard :P).

Coat: The North Face via REI (old, but seriously a must up here), Backpack: Kelty Redwing via Amazon (new), Gloves: F21 (new) Sweater & Tank Top: American Eagle (old), Jeans: The Gap Outlet (new), Boots: Lucky Brand via Dillards (new).

And of course a silly one! Gotta love the Northwest rain…

Has anyone out there overcome an insecurity? How did you tell that dumb voice that tells you to continue hiding a part of you to shut up? What about transitioning from college to the real world? Any monumental purchases that revolutionized your wardrobe? I’d love to hear all about it!



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