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Sequins: Doctor Seuss Dress Up

This post is dedicated to Stripes, who enjoys giving me a hard time about my lack of silly poses.

There once was a Woozle
Who spent all her days wondering

“What oh What should I wear?I have red pants, blue pants
and creamy mint green pants
Brown shoes and Black ones covered in Dots
Shirts every color from Blue to Chartreuse
Even one covered with orange-plaid hand-drawn Gazots!”

There are shoes all over her floor,
Down to the basement and clear up the stair,
With clothes scattered right Here and way over There,
Even some pants on her Sailing Ship’s helm,
This Woozle was feeling over-the-top- Whelm!“Should I wear this or should I wear that,
Maybe oh maybe, my striped purple top hat??”

Then, with a Hop and a Skip,
the Woozle had an idea hit like a Brick

“I know what I’ll do, right Here on the Spot,
Oh yes I will, won’t I,
I will wear the Whole Lot!”

Shirt: UO (used), Pants & Vest: Nordstroms, Keffiyeh: Palestine, Shoes: Modcloth

Green Pants are a winner,
Purple Red Plaid is for sure.
Wrapped up with my Oversized Scarf,
and topped with a Yarny Vest like super-soft-fur!

*This morning, after getting dressed, I pulled in my fashion consultant (read: my darling dearest Monsieur).

“Give it to me straight, babe–is it too much?” I asked, gesturing to my ensemble. He paused, looked me up and down carefully, and thought a moment.

“Honestly? I’m not sure. It actually might be. It’s pretty ridiculous. But… I really, really like it!”

Stripes: Music of the Week 1.29

As I typed the date into the title I realized it’s my half birthday! Not that that is at all relevant to my music of the week but still kind of exciting. This week has been crazy busy between papers, studying for mid-terms, preparing my a’capella group for a big concert in early February, working, catching up in my classes from Snowpocalypse, and trying to fit in some workouts, I have been running around all day everyday (and night…definitely ended up pulling an all nighter in there). I always forget just how much focus winter quarters require because they are over in a blink (seriously, next week marks the halfway point for the quarter which just seems so crazy!) but I know I can do it and that it’s all going to be over soon (hello, fear/anticipation/excitement/nervousness for my impending graduation).

Anyways, all the crazy in my life this week has definitely effected my music choices, so without further adieu, here are my songs of the week:

I adore Daft Punk so much. This song is so infused with energy, it’s kind of hard to feel exhausted while listening to it.

This is one of my favorite singing in the car songs…so cathartic. It also helps that we are working on this one in my a’capella group right now so I can sing not only the lead vocals by background harmony. +1 for music nerdiness!

Dave Matthews Band is AMAZING at writing and performing energizing songs. I have been listening to a ton of DMB during my crazy busy week.

And Death Cab for Cutie has been a long time favorite of mine. I’ve spent almost all of my life on Ben Gibbards stomping grounds (405? that’s a freeway I use whenever I am back in my hometown) so I kind of feel like I have some sort of weird special bond with these guys.

And finally, here’s a true classic if I’ve ever heard one ūüėÄ

Happy Sunday!


Sequins: Cheetahs & Horses & Birds, Oh My!

**Hey all, I’m actually out of town right now visiting my family, and my mom and I have a really fun all-day extravaganza planned, so I figured I’d pull this outfit post from off the dusty shelves. It was taken during the Snowpocalypse, thus the snow boots. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

This outfit was put together with some help from Monsieur–he always likes to have a say (especially when he knows I’m going to ask him to photograph it on our lunch date). This outfit started out really uncomplicated but every time I asked him if changing something bland (say, for instance, jeans) into something funky (a cheetah print skirt), he kept nodding yes.

Shirt & Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: Sojourner, Sweater: Nordstroms, Boots: Sorel, REI

I think all the nature motifs on my outfit are helping me blend in with the natural environment surrounding me (because I’m totally surrounded by cheetahs during my nature walks…). Can you count the animal prints?


Can you count them all now?

Yeah I might have been a little excited about all the animal-related clothes in my wardrobe. But I think the mere fact that I didn’t wear my deer head necklace means I didn’t take the obsession too far. Yet.

Also, in case you’re wondering what my hair looks like when I don’t spend hours blow drying/straightening it, this is it. As it grows out it just keeps getting more and more awkwardly wavy.

Stripes: Windy!

Man this week has had the craziest weather! First there was snow, then there was wind, now there is wind and rain. Bleh, some days it is much harder to love the Northwest than others.

This horribly rushed photo captures the rain off to the left there. MAN! I am not exaggerating (you can ask Sequins), but those raindrops were enormous! There were so many of those raindrops all of the sudden that we decided to take our pictures in the drive through of a bank that was on the way to the ally we were originally going to go to. It was insane out there!

Shirt: Target (recent-ish), Belt: American Eagle, Jeans: The Gap Outlet (recent), Boots: Lucky Brand (recent-ish).

What’s more rediculous is the fact that a guy pulled up behind us and watched us take pictures. Ok, so he was using the drive thru window and not just trying to creep on us, but still, this moment may take the cake for our ballsiest photoshoot to date.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays dry out there (though today was super sunny up here, so I guess that storm was well worth it). Has anyone else been having crazy weather? Anyone actually like the rain? If so, I know a great town for you to live in! Anyone have any suggestions for a slightly more discrete rainy day photoshoot place?


Sequins: My Modern Alice

I’m sure I’m not alone in this supposition, but if I had to make a guess, I’d say that Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, of course) is the most remixed character in literary history. The story itself is constantly being reimagined, and with every reimagining, Alice herself is remade. I think it helps that the story itself is so bizarre and unexpected, and no one really knows what it’s about. Although Cracked takes a shot at the “right” interpretation here.

Dress: Charlotte Russe; Sweater, Vest, Ring & Shoes: Thrifted; Tights: Gift

This dress always makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland, no matter how I style it. Usually I opt for the vest pictured with purple or marroon tights, but I’ve been jonesing for a fun way to wear my new polk-a-dot sweater so I branched out a bit.

Seriously, though, this sweater? The internet made me buy it! I completely blame the internet (specifically this pin) for me blossoming obsession with polk-a-dots. I may have gone a little overboard with them in this outfit (have you seen how ridiculous those shoes are?) but I totally and un-apologetically loved this outfit.

I did not, however, love the crazy wild wind that messed my already-being-difficult hair. I was whining to Stripes about my hair–I’m a fan of the length but I’m seriously having the hardest time styling it. If I do nothing to it, it looks like limp noodles. If I spend hours blow-drying it straight, it last about five minutes before turning into greasy-looking limp noodles. And if I use my snazzy blow-drier attachment to help the natural waves turn into curls, it looks like a monster trying to eat my face (see above photo for reference). And then, of course, once satiated, it turns into limp noodles. In short, I’m failing in my stylistic efforts to prevent noodle hair. Any tips are much appreciated.

*Ahem. Back to my main point. This is my funky, modern version of Alice! I’m pretty sure she would have rocked this look perfectly. After all, what’s the point of getting dressed if you can’t dress up? And really, lest you think my costume is lacking in the props department, be assured….

…I even had my White Rabbit.

Stripes: Starting to Figure This Fashion Thing Out

After all these months of trying new fashions and putting together “grown up” outfits (ok, outfits that go beyond jeans and a t-shirt from that show I was in several years ago and those running shoes I can’t run in anymore because they are too worn out) I think I am finally finding my style.


I am absolutely in love with this ensemble! The skirt/belt combo was inspired by this Burberry skirt I pinned months ago on pinterest (it won’t let ¬†me embed the image but the link will take you right to it). I’m really into this style and I’m excited to see what kinds of cool pieces of clothing come my way in the future and how I can keep up this preppy/simple/clean cut style I’ve been carving out.

In other news, as you may have been able to tell based on the lack of ice/snow in this picture, is that snowpocalypse 2012 is over. I am kind of glad that I can wear skirts and cute flats again (though Sequins would completely disagree and say it is all about the layering of tights over leggings, guess I am too much of a wimp for her fashionista ways :P).

And of course the silly one! This was actually the face I made after the silly face when asking Sequins if I had made an adequately silly face-guess it’s true that sometimes you achieve what you want best when you don’t even mean to do it.

Shirt: Thrifted J Crew, Belt: Wet Seal (old), Skirt: The Gap Outlet (recent), Tights: Khols (old), Shoes: Lucky Brand (recent).


Sequins: The Back of the Closet

I couldn’t decide what to wear this morning (not actually the most typical quandary I find myself in, considering I usually plan my outfit as I fall asleep the night before), so I dug deep into the back of my closet and pulled this baby out.

Sweater & Dress: H&M, Scarf: Vintage, Boots: ..I forgot…, Tights: Target, Bag:
This dress always looks so frumpy and ugly on the hanger, as if it would be too long or awkward. I always forget that I like wearing it, and an office job is the perfect place for it! I did spend the whole day feeling super toned down, but such is life. I can’t always be ridiculously dressed, I suppose.

Also? Can I just say about the above pose? I have a perpetual fear of being photographed from the side angle. I’m not the thinnest girl (I’m healthy, though, and I love my body), and I have a stomach condition that causes almost constant tummy bloat. So I live in fear of sideways shots and appearing pregnant. But this dress is fluffy and full enough that I could totally pull off a sideways shot! Because now you’ll never know if it’s just windy (which it was) or what!

I’ll admit, though, it does help that I get to bring my favorite ridiculous “business briefcase”¬† with me, though!

How about our readers (we know you’re out there!)? Do any of you have those easy-peasy pieces hiding in the back of your closet? How do you doll up a piece that’s on the bland side?

Stripes & Sequins: Favorite Bags

After realizing that we both have a ton of similar possessions that are stylistically unique to each of us, we thought it would be fun to do a weekly compare and contrast post. You can read the initial post here. We hope you enjoy the series!

I got this bag for Christmas in 2009 after lusting after Lucky Brand bags for years (sensing a trend? Yeah, I LOVE Lucky Brand!). I loved to go to Macy’s and just clutch the stylish leather wallets, bags, and satchels dreaming of the day I would own one. And then I got one and it has seriously been everything I could ask for in a bag. I love how well the leather has held up and that the constant Northwest rains have had little to no effect on the leather. I also can fit everything I need in it including (but not limited to): wallet, make-up, notebooks, books, my laptop, gloves, and a snack all at once.

This purse also is a little sentimental as it was my first big wardrobe investment piece. I know I am going to be able to use it for years and I still get as many compliments on it today as I did on the first month I had it. Also, to my surprise, I also have felt little temptation to even look at other purses since I got this one because it really is my dream bag and why fix what isn’t broken?

This bag first caught my eye after I finally invested in a new laptop. I knew I wanted something that would keep my precious laptop safe, as well as something that would serve as a purse. The reviews I read initially commented on the limited space–saying even that it wouldn’t hold a charger or wallet. I was warned that my bag wouldn’t hold more than my laptop and possibly a thin notebook. I accepted the inevitable, and reminded myself that the top priority was mainly my laptop. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw that it would, indeed, hold everything I need!
In addition to my laptop, of which you can see a glimpse of its shiny corner, this bag holds two books (I’m only thirty pages from the end of Siege of Krishnapur, so I live in constant fear that I’ll finish it without a replacement book), my sketchbook, my planner, my wallet, charger and phone. I’m not sure what computer the others girls who bought this bag have, but mine is plenty small enough! Yay!

Stripes: What I’ve Been Listening To 1.22

Hey all! Hope you’re weeks haven’t been too killer. Because of snowpocalypse this week, ¬†I’ve had extra time to listen to music and chill out. It has been so nice to ¬†snuggle up under blankets and listen to music. So without further adieu, here are my song picks of the week:

After listening to pandora excessively this week, I realized I pretty much forgot about Vertical¬†Horizon…how could I forget about them?! So, in case you forgot about them too, here’s one of my favorite songs of theirs.

I have been really into slower music this week so Mat Kearney was there, ready with an awesome song to chill out to.

I had a really hard time choosing between Ellie Goulding’s regular version of Lights or the Bassnectar version because both are so good. The dubstep remix only won out because it has been a long week and I love the energy it gives off. But if you like this song you should totally youtube the original, so good!

And another classic, Muse’s ¬†Starlight. This song came out the same week I attended my last High School Homecoming dance and I can remember listening to it all that night. And, what’s more amazing, is that this is one of the few Muse songs I haven’t gotten tired of, I’m pretty sure it has been consistently in everyone of my most listened to playlists on my iPod for the last 4 years.

And this is my silly song for the day! I seriously ‚̧ Charlie!

I hope you all have a great week!


Sequins: Professional Snow Day

Snow is still here (but the forecast says it should be gone by the end of the weekend, and it’s starting to freeze rain–yuck!) and life goes one. Including work. This is how I juggle wearing professional, office-appropriate attire when it’s 12′ outside.

Shirt: Modcloth, Vest: Thrifted, Skirt: Kensie, Gloves & Tights: Target, Boots: Sorel, REI, Scarf: Knitted by Yours Truly!

That was as far as I was willing to strip for the photo shoot! Also, before you all start thinking I’m a bad person for showing off my sweater vest when just a few posts ago Stripes was lamenting her lack of one, the real conversation went like this:

Stripes: This outfit really makes me want a sweater vest.

Sequins: Did you seriously just say that you want a sweater vest?

Stripes: Uhh.. Yeah? Why, is that a bad thing?

Sequins: Aren’t you the one who, just weeks ago, mocked me and my desire to wear one?

Stripes: Probably? So?

*Sigh. It’s a good thing I like her. Also, the rest of the photo shoot I looked like this:

It’s super cold outside. I hope everyone reading this stays nice and warm and dry!