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Sequins: Board meeting day

Today was a big meeting day, quarterly Board of Directors meeting. Which means dressing fancy.

Coat Necklace Belt & Sweater: Thrifted, Shoes & Bag:; Tights: Soujourner, Dress: Charlotte Russe

This dress is my go-to for fancy work events and I love everything about this outfit. It’s professional but totally me, and totally fun.

So funny story about this bag… I was reading reviews about it on (and no, I’m not being paid to say any of this. Although I kinda wish I was…) and one reviewer said they loved the bag, but that it didn’t fit like anything aside from the computer itself–not even the charger.

I got my bag in the mail, looked at it–looked at my computer–looked back at the bag, and the exact comment in my head?

“Oh bitch, please”

This bag officially holds my computer, work planner, sketch book, pens and inks, wallet, keys, and yes–a charger. And I was sure to leave a comment saying so. To be fair, I will admit that my laptop is a 13″ Macbook, which are much smaller than the average computer. But seriously, I love this bag. I love it times a million.

I hinted at this necklace a while ago, and to be perfectly honest, it’s my new favorite-est ever. It’s a deer head. Don’t even get me started on how amazing it is (because I’m pretty sure I can talk your ear off for way longer than should be possible).

Happy work outfit! Ten out of ten for me.


Stripes: Color Ruts

Have you ever just felt at home in an outfit? This is SO my “homey” outfit. I am in love with sweaters, I love thick belts (can I get a shout out from my small waisted big hipped ladies!), I love blue, and I love how comfy this feels. In essence, if I had to describe myself as an outfit, I would use this one. Hands down.

Story time: So, I went through a phase that lasted about 2 years where I bought almost exclusively blue or white clothes. This sweater was purchased in the midst of that era. It was totally unintentional. I definitely did not mean to buy exclusively one color of clothing-it just kind of happened. The fun part now, with the help of some lovely ladies like Miss Sequins, is buying new colors to accent my blue wardrobe.Which is why I have so many brown accents…I am kind of in a brown accent rut now. I guess I’m just a predictable kind of person but at least I can almost OCDly match the crap out of my wardrobe! Did I mention that all of my metal accessories are silver (save one gold necklace from my parents)? I’ve been doing that one since I was in middle school as an act of rebellion from my gold loving mother. I know, way to show ’em, right?

Sweater: Gap Outlet (old), Undershirt: Walmart (old), Belt: PacSun (old), Jeans: Gap (old, modern boot cut, though, so they may have similar styles still), Boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear (old), Bracelet: Express (recent-ish), Earrings: Lucky Brand via Macys (old).

Maybe I’m just into my ruts because it’s like wearing a piece of home where ever you go? I suppose we could go all philosophical and view it as a symbol of comfort and self-identity against oppression….waaaait, finals are over…screw this. I just like being comfy. And I like the color blue.


Sequins: Online Fashion

Whenever I take the plunge and order clothes online, I’m always so excited at how well it works out. Maybe it’s my negative-Nelly attitude to life, but I always seems to assume the clothes will work out horribly or not fit or something bad will happen. However, while this means I rarely actually buy clothes online, I’ve found it always works out well.

Sweater: Target, Skirt: Kensi, Tights: Sojourner, Shoes & Shirt:, Belt: Thrifted, Coat: H&M

It didn’t hurt that both Miss Stripes & myself got epic outfit compliments when we ran some of my errands before doing the photos. Yay for smalltown folk being surprised at non-sweatpants outfits! (I kid, I kid. Kinda.)

I also wore my favorite green coat ever, from H&M. The brightness of this coat always makes me feel peppy. It was, however, farrrrr far far too cold for this coat to be a good idea, especially considering the half-length sleeves of my sweater. I froze the entire day.

All in all, though, this shirt was a lot of fun (and I’m not being paid to say it). I will say the shirt lacked a lot of structure, though, which is why the belt was a requirement. I think I might sew some darts under the bust when I get some free time.

The shoes, which I’ve dubbed my old-man shoes, are amazing. They’re comfortable, professional, and look good with about 90% of my wardrobe. They make me super happy!

Sequins: Little Red Riding Cape

I had a lunch date with Monsieur who was a good enough sport to take these photos afterwards.

Dress (Mona B), Cape (Love Tree) and Belt: All thrifted.

When we were in Oregon visiting his parents, I saw that his mother has a beautiful blue cape, and I was immediately jealous. I saw this cape at my favorite thrift store and my sister strong-armed me into buying it for myself, and I’m so glad I let her talk me into it. Monsieur comments happily on it every time I wear it, and it makes me feel so fashionably festive this December.

The dress was the age-old story of girl-goes-to-store, girl-loves-print, girl-assumes-shape-will-be-unflattering, girl-tries-it-on, girl-loves-the-perfect-fit.

The bag almost wins favorite-bag-ever award. Almost. Unfortunately, the handle ripped right off the (p)leather before I was even a week into owning it. I still kinda love it, though, so I just use the larger strap.

Stripes: Hat Day and a Pinterest Challenge All In One

Hey! So final are OVER!! WOOOOO! I have so many awesome things coming up in the next month to post, I cannot wait to no longer be inundated with paper writing and test. Here’s a quick little look at my “fancy” winter hat.I always feel so fancy when I get to wear this hat. Last year the first time I wore it out of the house was the first day of snow in town which was super magical. And since it is hat season again, Miss Sequins sent me this “how to wear your hair while wearing a hat” tutorial since my hair is really long this year and I get really bad hat hair.When I was about 5 years old my mom used to call these “topsy tails” and used to do them as pigtails on me…and I LOVED THEM. I totally forgot how awesome they are until I saw the pin for them but I love this updated version of my favorite hair style from forever ago (….almost 20 years ago, gasp!).

Hat: Target (old), Coat: Kohls (old), Scarf: Pedros (old), Leggings: Target (old, but they essentially have the same thing still), Shirt: Kohls (really old), Boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear (old).

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday time and are as excited as I am for my upcoming craftiness and adventures!


Sequins: Grabbing Life By The Horns

I’ve spent the whole week battling whatever cough-grossness Monsieur’s mother was sick with over the holidays. Lamesauce! This meant that I didn’t go into work until noon today. Monsieur was nice enough to drive me which meant a few things: first, that I could wear heels! Two, I could use his transportation to pick up my sister’s wedding dress (Maui, August 2012). Three, that I could rope him into taking my outfit photos (he is surprisingly good-natured about it. well, if you knew him, it’s not surprising that he was good-natured about something. He’s pretty good-natured about everything.

Skirt: Kensi, Shoes: Value Village, Sweater & Shirt: Thrifted (F21 & Mona B respectively)

The top and sweater were great finds just the day before. I have a serious problem with my favorite thrifting store–namely, that it is located directly between my apartment and my job, and also my fiend whom I spend every Wednesday with lives directly above it. This means I always have great finds from it, but it also means I shop there way too much! The necklace is also from there, but from an early shopping excursion. I love my animal statement necklaces! I’ve getting quite the collection! (Just wait until you meet my newest one!)

I’m an Aries, so it works (April Fools Baby, right here!)

The shoes are a great find from Value Village a while back, but I walk about a little over half a mile to work and then back again, so I’m always reluctant to wear anything that even remotely resembles a heel. But when you get chauffeured to work!

All the color was to make up for how really horrible I feel. Now I’m going to go lay down for a while, and chug some tea!

Sequins: Pinterest Backlog

Pinterest Challenge Week 1:
DIY Embroidery Hoop Earring Holder

Pinterest Challenge Week 2: Bobby Pin Holder* from a Paperclip Holder
*To be honest, I didn’t do the paper embellishments that the pin had, but that was because my paperclip holder was darkly fogged and I didn’t like how that made the paper look. It’s a work in progress.

Pinterest Challenge Week 4 (remember, week three was this one): Thank You Card Scrabble Tiles*
*There aren’t any numbers on these tiles because they’re Bananagram tiles, not Scrabble tiles. The thank you note was for Monsieur’s parents, and Bananagrams was what we spent the entire break playing!