Stripes: Boots!

Hey! Long time no blog, sorry about that but I ended up doing a lot more commuting and seeing people than I had originally planned for the holiday season. That being said, Christmas reaped several awesome additions to my wardrobe that I can’t wait to wear. The first piece, also being the one with the best story, are these boots.I found them at Macy’s in September and fell in love. The only reason I didn’t buy them then was the price tag which I won’t say but it was enough that I could never in a million years buy them for myself (as a college student anyways). So I talked about them for weeks and weeks and my family took notice. Apparently nowhere in the Seattle area had them in brown and my size so my family, in all their awesomeness, started spreading the word about finding this pair of boots. A family friend (and shoe addict) took note and called a shoe friend in Colorado who found them in Dillards down there. So the boots made the long journey from Colorado to Seattle then to my feet. And I LOVE them. Seriously.

I had realized that boots are a serious addiction. Now all I want are skinny jeans (a post on that coming up!) and boots. All sorts of boots. Tall boots. Light boots. Tan boots. Black boots. Leather boots. Fabric boots. BOOTS!

Scarf: F21 (new), Sweater: Gap (old), Belt: PacSun (old), Leggings: The Loft (new), Boots: Lucky Brand via Dillards (new).

And that’s my unintentional hair blowing in the wind picture which sequins and I tried to recreate in about 8 pictures and none were as good as this accidental one. I suppose that’s just how life works.


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