Stripes: Tree of the Year

It’s that time of year again…CHRISTMAS TIME! And boy do I love me a real [used to be] live tree! My friend Plaid and I went to a local Christmas tree farm [sans Sequins because she, unlike Plaid and myself, is a real adult with a real 9-5 job (edit: Sequins pointed out that she actually works 8-5; goes to show how much I know about big girl land :P) and we couldn’t find another time amidst all our schedules to get together] to pick the perfect addition to my living room. Being my first trip to pick a tree in years (my family now uses a fake tree and I’m in college aka poor-town) I was excited to find the perfect tree. So the journey began.

We learned, after a CSI style tracking down of “the perfect pumpkin” during our pumpkin patch adventure in October, the importance of taking pictures of the contenders with some sort of landmark so you can find them again later. This was our second choice tree and we were able to use the sign and surrounding trees in the background to find him again when it came down to the final decision. We didn’t choose this one, however, because we found a fabulous (ex-male model) tree dubbed Dougal ‘Delicious” McTree.This is me epically cheesing with Dougal. He is way more photogenic than I am. I do, however, LOVE my boots. I got them several years ago as an investment piece from my family because my feet had finally stopped growing. It was so awesome to have boots that are made to last longer than one winter and actually keep your feet warm and dry!

This is Plaid with Dougal. She did the majority of the cutting down of the tree…though she let me do a bit in the middle! This was our favorite “sad” tree! Look at how nervous it looks to be there next to that stump.

Coat: H&M (old), Scarf: found (old), Wallet poking out of my pocket: Target (old), Jeans: Gap (old, but boot cut so they will likely have something very similar still), Boots: Northface (old).

And this is my “oh Tree, you’re *too* funny!” picture. But it’s true, Dougal ‘Delicious” McTree is one awesome tree/ex-model.

Stay tuned for Sequin’s and my’s upcoming joint post detailing Dougal’s decorations and filled with silly pictures of Sequins, Stripes, and Plaid!


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