Sequins: Board meeting day

Today was a big meeting day, quarterly Board of Directors meeting. Which means dressing fancy.

Coat Necklace Belt & Sweater: Thrifted, Shoes & Bag:; Tights: Soujourner, Dress: Charlotte Russe

This dress is my go-to for fancy work events and I love everything about this outfit. It’s professional but totally me, and totally fun.

So funny story about this bag… I was reading reviews about it on (and no, I’m not being paid to say any of this. Although I kinda wish I was…) and one reviewer said they loved the bag, but that it didn’t fit like anything aside from the computer itself–not even the charger.

I got my bag in the mail, looked at it–looked at my computer–looked back at the bag, and the exact comment in my head?

“Oh bitch, please”

This bag officially holds my computer, work planner, sketch book, pens and inks, wallet, keys, and yes–a charger. And I was sure to leave a comment saying so. To be fair, I will admit that my laptop is a 13″ Macbook, which are much smaller than the average computer. But seriously, I love this bag. I love it times a million.

I hinted at this necklace a while ago, and to be perfectly honest, it’s my new favorite-est ever. It’s a deer head. Don’t even get me started on how amazing it is (because I’m pretty sure I can talk your ear off for way longer than should be possible).

Happy work outfit! Ten out of ten for me.


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