Sequins: Online Fashion

Whenever I take the plunge and order clothes online, I’m always so excited at how well it works out. Maybe it’s my negative-Nelly attitude to life, but I always seems to assume the clothes will work out horribly or not fit or something bad will happen. However, while this means I rarely actually buy clothes online, I’ve found it always works out well.

Sweater: Target, Skirt: Kensi, Tights: Sojourner, Shoes & Shirt:, Belt: Thrifted, Coat: H&M

It didn’t hurt that both Miss Stripes & myself got epic outfit compliments when we ran some of my errands before doing the photos. Yay for smalltown folk being surprised at non-sweatpants outfits! (I kid, I kid. Kinda.)

I also wore my favorite green coat ever, from H&M. The brightness of this coat always makes me feel peppy. It was, however, farrrrr far far too cold for this coat to be a good idea, especially considering the half-length sleeves of my sweater. I froze the entire day.

All in all, though, this shirt was a lot of fun (and I’m not being paid to say it). I will say the shirt lacked a lot of structure, though, which is why the belt was a requirement. I think I might sew some darts under the bust when I get some free time.

The shoes, which I’ve dubbed my old-man shoes, are amazing. They’re comfortable, professional, and look good with about 90% of my wardrobe. They make me super happy!

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