Stripes: Hat Day and a Pinterest Challenge All In One

Hey! So final are OVER!! WOOOOO! I have so many awesome things coming up in the next month to post, I cannot wait to no longer be inundated with paper writing and test. Here’s a quick little look at my “fancy” winter hat.I always feel so fancy when I get to wear this hat. Last year the first time I wore it out of the house was the first day of snow in town which was super magical. And since it is hat season again, Miss Sequins sent me this “how to wear your hair while wearing a hat” tutorial since my hair is really long this year and I get really bad hat hair.When I was about 5 years old my mom used to call these “topsy tails” and used to do them as pigtails on me…and I LOVED THEM. I totally forgot how awesome they are until I saw the pin for them but I love this updated version of my favorite hair style from forever ago (….almost 20 years ago, gasp!).

Hat: Target (old), Coat: Kohls (old), Scarf: Pedros (old), Leggings: Target (old, but they essentially have the same thing still), Shirt: Kohls (really old), Boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear (old).

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday time and are as excited as I am for my upcoming craftiness and adventures!



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