Sequins: Grabbing Life By The Horns

I’ve spent the whole week battling whatever cough-grossness Monsieur’s mother was sick with over the holidays. Lamesauce! This meant that I didn’t go into work until noon today. Monsieur was nice enough to drive me which meant a few things: first, that I could wear heels! Two, I could use his transportation to pick up my sister’s wedding dress (Maui, August 2012). Three, that I could rope him into taking my outfit photos (he is surprisingly good-natured about it. well, if you knew him, it’s not surprising that he was good-natured about something. He’s pretty good-natured about everything.

Skirt: Kensi, Shoes: Value Village, Sweater & Shirt: Thrifted (F21 & Mona B respectively)

The top and sweater were great finds just the day before. I have a serious problem with my favorite thrifting store–namely, that it is located directly between my apartment and my job, and also my fiend whom I spend every Wednesday with lives directly above it. This means I always have great finds from it, but it also means I shop there way too much! The necklace is also from there, but from an early shopping excursion. I love my animal statement necklaces! I’ve getting quite the collection! (Just wait until you meet my newest one!)

I’m an Aries, so it works (April Fools Baby, right here!)

The shoes are a great find from Value Village a while back, but I walk about a little over half a mile to work and then back again, so I’m always reluctant to wear anything that even remotely resembles a heel. But when you get chauffeured to work!

All the color was to make up for how really horrible I feel. Now I’m going to go lay down for a while, and chug some tea!


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