Stripes: A Quick Update

Hey! So I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgot about you (and yes, I do mean you, our 2 loyal readers!) but I am currently in my university’s dead week (which is the wee before finals, where on top of regular classes, you get a ton of papers and have to study for your finals next week) and I moved to a new apartment last night. I have been beyond tired and stressed which is why my outfit posts have slowed a little, but have no fear, as soon as life slows down a little I will have more awesomeness to post here! I have several crafty things planned for the next month and I’m sure I’m bound to wear *something* cool in the next month as I will be able to break out the fancy clothes for all the upcoming Christmas merriment.

Thanks for your patience and here’s a link to a really awesome music video by a female a’capella group called The Boxettes. Besides being a really amazing group of women, this song is a great example of dub stepped a’capella. Although the dub step effects are electronically added into this particular song (aka no one’s mouth is making the crazy effects) I’ve recently heard several groups incorporate dub step into their repitoire! It’s so cool what people can do with their voices/mouths.

Outfit posts coming soon-



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