Stripes: My Surprise Craft

Hey! So after getting an amazing deal on a live (well, now dead seeing as it has been removed from the rest of the tree) wreath on Black Friday, I decided it was time for a little Christmas cheer. So, I spruced the little guy up to get him all ready to spread some holiday happiness.

 This is how it started off. Not bad, but the bow was made of this awful “velvet” and was fairly mangled (I sorted through the whole box of wreaths and mine was the least abused looking one…I feel kind of bad for the rest of them. It’s too bad I’m not rich and able to buy two for each door in my apartment; one on the inside of the room and one on the outside, so that they could all be together and beautiful looking).

So I started by taking off the bow and making a new one. I learned how to make the bow from this Pinterest post. I adapted the cardboard guide to make a much bigger bow, though I almost think I could have gone even a bit bigger. I also got an amazing deal on this ribbon at Michaels (can you say 70% off? cause I sure did!). I then fasted the new bow right where the old one was with the same wire that held the original bow in place.

I wasn’t really pleased with the middle part of the bow but I had a ton of scented pine cones left over from Halloween so I found one that was perfectly curved to fit the bow (just my luck! I only had one curved one and it was absolutely perfect for the project!). I had a rather difficult time getting the little guy to stay in place, however. Tacky glue was my first adhesive of choice but it did not work with the ribbon at all nor did, to my surprise, super glue (and I found that the best way to get super glue off skin is to rub salt over the affected area! Also, i’m glad the ribbon didn’t start smoking, apparently super glue+certain fabrics=bad news bears). So then I just creatively tied it to the bow and tried my best to hide the string and viola; a beautiful wreath (if I do say so myself).

To decorate the cheap plastic hanger, I just used double sided tape and wrapped it in ribbon then tied a bow like you would use to tie your shoes around the top. All in all, this project cost me less than $15 and I am soooo in love with the final product-definitely money well spent!

And that’s my surprise challenge. I hope you feel just a little more festive, because you know I do! Now go show a poor, abandoned, lonely wreath how loved it really can be this holiday season! (I often assume inanimate objects have far more feelings than they really do, I realize logically they don’t have feelings, but, hey, life’s way more fun believing that the premise for Toy Story could totally be real. You should have seen the moral dilemma I had when a friend gave me a new stuffed animal and I decided he didn’t get along with my other stuffed animal…yeah that happened this year…yeah it is *definitely* a story for another day).



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