Sequins: Turkey-Free Turkeyday

ImageShirt: MNKR, Tank: H&M, Sweater: Target, Jeggings: Aeropostle, Joma, Bag: melie bianco

This is my post-Thanksgiving outfit. The monsieur and I are visiting his parents in Oregon for the trip, and apparently Oregon is abundantly full of beautiful fall foliage.

The shirt is part of a fun little thing that my sister, my BIL, monsieur and I are doing that involves all of us having a bear shirt. The jeggings (God help me I hate that word almost as much as I hate admitting that I own a pair) were a gift from this really wonderfully sweet woman I tutor in English, the bag has the BEST story attached to it and the shoes are new and on sale.

The bag story begins when I bought a different (beautiful) red bag that ripped before the first week of ownership was out. I took it back to the store and the owner was really great. She said she hadn’t bought that particular line before so she couldn’t assure me it wouldn’t happen instead. She toured her shop with me and picked out this one (which cost about thirty dollars more) and said she carried this line for a long time and could vouch for it, and would give me the bag as an even trade. Added bonus? She let me keep the old bag, so we’ll see if some gorilla glue and stitches can’t fix it right up.

The boots were to fulfill my need of boots that don’t have heels, and these have the added bonus of laces up the back.

With the exception of our trip to the store for cold medicine for monsieur’s mother, this trip has been very relaxed and low-maintenance, which is just the way I like my holidays. Instead of a big shebang at monsieur’s family friends’ place, we stayed in (his mother is under the weather, after all), and she cooked a ham with mashed potatoes and delicious crock-pot style veggies. I made the glaze (I am very unkitchened in my ways).

We played bananagrams and watched the last two Harry Potter films after lunch and munched on pumpkin pie for dinner. Today has been filled with Starfox, Pinterest,  and monsieur playing the guitar.


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