Stripes: A Rare Look at my Work Atire

Hey! So I know you usually see Sequins in her work clothes and me in my milling around and being a college student clothes. Well, since I’m sure you were wondering, this is one of my fall back work outfits. I work at a front desk so I try to look fairly professional. Well, until things like this happen:Haha, yep goofy even when wearing big girl, grown up clothes. Anyways, my life as of recent has been filled with a’capella, Boy Bands (heck yes I mean you BSB and N*Sync), Christmas Carols, and reading for school. AND vocal percussion. Yes, you heard right. I am learning to beatbox…as my parents like to think of it, *another* way for me to make more noise. I am definitely someone who takes living out loud very seriously :D.

Coat: Kohls (old), Shirt: Target (old), Scarf: Pedros at the Panida (old), Belt: Wet Seal (old), Pants: Gap (old-ish), Shoes: Lucky Brand via Macys (recent)



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