Sequins: A Fail In Every Way

You know that one sweater hanging in the back of your closet that you pretend to never see? Or that shirt you have, the one that has a great print but doesn’t seem to fit right, no matter what your weight is? Well, I threw on my least favorite articles of clothing on Tuesday, which would’ve been alright, except the photos were taken when Stripes & I met up with some friends for lunch. The lighting is terrible, and after a lot of Gimp editing, I give you:

The outfit that wasn’t. I think the only reason I keep this sweater (::Sojourner) around is for my eventual plan to dye it a darker color. Maroon, perhaps? Maybe even black. But this pink is horrible. The shirt (::Thrifted, F21) has this really cute colorful safari print on it, but it never sits correctly. The hat (::me!) is perfect for cold weather but this photo washes it out.


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