Stripes: Pinterest Challenge- Learn to Crochet!

Hey! Sorry for the lack of posts on my side of the blog, I was faced with the trifecta of awful on Friday (huge paper due in one class, smaller paper due in another, and a midterm in the third). While I’m pretty sure I’ve kicked butt on at least 2 out of the 3 (that midterm was tough!), I’ve also gotten a little behind on posting. In other words, expect an explosion (figuratively, of course) of postings from me in the next couple of days.

Without any further adieu, here is my Pinterest Challenge of the week:I learned how to get this far from this pin. But the funny thing is I have been reluctant to learn to turn around and do something beyond really long chains (I have been making chains and pulling them out and making them again all week as a stress reliever) so Sequins finally stepped in, made me get over my yearning for the most perfect chain that has ever been made, and learn how to make actual, useful crocheted stuff. So there will be more crocheted awesomeness in the future!

Clothing posts are on their way. Again, sorry for the delay but it is [mostly] smooth sailing until finals week.



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