Sequins: Tuesday Sick Day

Up until now, there has been a steady dose of what I wear at work (we take the pictures on my lunch break) and what Stripes wears while not-at-work (she’s a college student, after all)

Tuesday I stayed home from work, though, since i had spent the entire weekend deathly ill (a slight exaggeration? Perhaps. But it still felt that way) and Stripes swung by my apartment to get photos in the park literally across the street. Since I had to make a trip to the store anyway (emergency supplies were running low), I got dressed and grabbed my camera.

Sweater: Energy, Scarf: Campus, Sunglasses: F21,
Top & Shorts: downtown boutique, Tank: Romy’s,
Tights: Macy’s, Shoes: FM, Bag: Powell’s

Everything about this outfit is just incredibly comfortable, so it made up for feeling completely horrid.

This bag is hand’s down my favorite tote. When my (older) sister turned 25 last February, my mom and I took her to Portland for a weekend, where we went to our collectively favorite place in the world: Powell’s, The City of Books. *cue nostalgic sigh here

When I travel down to Salem to spend Thanksgiving with Monsieur and his family, his mom has already planned a trip to Powell’s into my stay. Because she understands.

Oh and don’t worry, my pinterest challenges are coming soon. Would you like a tease? I thought so. Soon you will see my…

-DIYed Deer Silhouette Embroidery Hoop to hold my earrings
-Refashioned paperclip holder for my bobby pins
-Earwarmers made from Tunisian stitches

That’s right, it just knocks your socks off, I’m sure. In the meantime, though, here’s a love note I made for monsieur inspired from this pin


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