Stripes: Saving the Drama for My Llama AND bonus Pinterest Challenge Pictures of the Week!

Hey! This last month has been crazy in collegeland! I’ve been knocking out those back to back papers like a pro (not to mention, I turned the last one in today! Woooo!) but this crazy amount of learning has left very little time for laundry…so I decided to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a while- turn my frilly “evening” skirt into a “day” skirt. I really liked wearing this outfit; it was silly yet sophisticated.

And now for my Pinterest Challenge for the week! I’ve been trying the sock bun curls that have made their way around the site in the last couple of months. I tried doing them a month or two ago but my hair was a smidge too short for the full effect but now that it is longer I decided to give it another shot. I realize they are a little tough to see in this shot but I really liked how they worked with my headband. I really like them because they don’t use any heat so my hair feels way healthier as compared to usual days when I blow dry my hair. Also, they last. I have pretty straight hair (except when I let my hair dry without touching it after a shower…I also didn’t know I had natural waves until last December because my hair was too short to notice and before that I used to sleep on my wet hair all the time then flat iron it so I was really surprised last winter when I got lazy and realized I have the hair I’d always wanted. Funny how that works, but I seriously have digressed). Here’s a link to the “how to” video, I can’t find the original Pinterest pin that I got the link from unfortunately but I suppose this video had all the info anyways 🙂

And one of my awesome shirt! “Save the Drama for your Llama”! I spent a summer on an alpaca ranch and we had 2 llamas so I am kind of crazy for all things paca/llama.

Headband: Target (new), Shirt: Delias (new-ish), Belt: (Wet Seal, old), Skirt: (Target, old), Tights (Khols, old), Coat (Khols; Old).

Till next outfit!


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