Sequins: A Fancy Modern Pirate

My monsieur saw me sorting through my photos and paused “You like a pirate, babe. I mean, a fancy modern one”

In retrospect the folded up pants combined with boots probably wasn’t the best combination. But blogging about it is how you learn from your mistakes!

Back to the awesomeness that is these pants, though: I’ve been searching for a pair of red pants for a while now. One of my favorite bloggers to read, What Would A Nerd Wear, has a pair of red jeans that makes me green with envy every time she posted them. You can imagine that jumps of joy I engaged in when I found this beautiful pair for a whopping $8 at my favorite thrift store.

God I love that thrift store.

A large portion of this outfit is brought to you by the thrift store: jacket, best, brown button up, jeans, one of the rings. The only things that were purchased new are the shoes, sweater and brown tank top.

That is a wedding ring, but it’s not my wedding ring. My Aunt took a jwelry making class and welded down her husband’s old wedding band (it didn’t fit anymore) and remade it into a smaller, feminine ring.

the other ring is two wolves howling at each other, crazy jewelry courtesy of my thrift store. They have the best weird jewelry!


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