Stripes: Fall Time in the Great Northwest

It’s fall time in the great Northwest which also means it is sweater time! I LOVE sweaters so much. I actually made myself stop buying them for a few years until they started to die because I had way more than anyone could ever need. Luckily, my collection was getting a little thin this last year so I was able to indulge on this sweater!

As you may or may not know, I direct one of the a’capella groups on my university’s campus. Consequently (or luckily, as I like to think of it), I am surrounded by crazy dance moves all the time which have a tendency to infiltrate into my everyday life. Last week we had our first show [which sold out!!] and this is a move from Undefined’s “Show Me the Meaning” originally performed by the Backstreet boys but as arranged by my friend C D Santa. The dance moves are uh-mazing and I definitely was channeling them today.

This another attempt on my behalf to be half as cool as the guys. While I am not nearly as amazing at pulling off boy band dance moves as them, I rock my green sweater in ways they wish they could!

Sweater: Target (new), Tank Top: American Eagle (old), Jeans: Gap (old), Purse: Lucky Brand (old), Fingerless Gloves: Pedro's at the Panida (old), Shoes (from other pictures): Converse (old).

And this one is my favorite (and only normal looking picture) of the day. Have a happy Monday!


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