Stripes: A Study Day in the Midst of a Cold

Hey All! So it’s midterms time for me which has led to some interesting fashion choices as I haven’t had much time to do laundry…but all the better to spur creativity, right?! I am SO in love with this sweatshirt. In fact, the week after I got it, I may or may not have worn it four days in a row…

Mid-terms is always a mixed bag of awesome craziness and intense stress but at least I have the best sweatshirt in the world to weather the storm in. This quarter’s mid-terms actually appear to have started  mid-way through October and are going to last until I turn in my final papers in the first week of December…and I am going CRAZY I tell you. Back to back (to back to back to back…) papers are sanity draining and I have started deciding everything in life would make a good paper topic. For example, what would be the social implications of wearing an article of clothing for four days in a row and why do social norms prescribe that treatment to such deviants? Until next time my dears!

Sweatshirt: Farmer’s Market, Skirt: Old Navy (old), Tights: Khols (old), Boots: Rocket Dog at Famous Footwear (old), and Fingerless Gloves: Pedro’s at the Panida (old).

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