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Stripes: My Surprise Craft

Hey! So after getting an amazing deal on a live (well, now dead seeing as it has been removed from the rest of the tree) wreath on Black Friday, I decided it was time for a little Christmas cheer. So, I spruced the little guy up to get him all ready to spread some holiday happiness.

 This is how it started off. Not bad, but the bow was made of this awful “velvet” and was fairly mangled (I sorted through the whole box of wreaths and mine was the least abused looking one…I feel kind of bad for the rest of them. It’s too bad I’m not rich and able to buy two for each door in my apartment; one on the inside of the room and one on the outside, so that they could all be together and beautiful looking).

So I started by taking off the bow and making a new one. I learned how to make the bow from this Pinterest post. I adapted the cardboard guide to make a much bigger bow, though I almost think I could have gone even a bit bigger. I also got an amazing deal on this ribbon at Michaels (can you say 70% off? cause I sure did!). I then fasted the new bow right where the old one was with the same wire that held the original bow in place.

I wasn’t really pleased with the middle part of the bow but I had a ton of scented pine cones left over from Halloween so I found one that was perfectly curved to fit the bow (just my luck! I only had one curved one and it was absolutely perfect for the project!). I had a rather difficult time getting the little guy to stay in place, however. Tacky glue was my first adhesive of choice but it did not work with the ribbon at all nor did, to my surprise, super glue (and I found that the best way to get super glue off skin is to rub salt over the affected area! Also, i’m glad the ribbon didn’t start smoking, apparently super glue+certain fabrics=bad news bears). So then I just creatively tied it to the bow and tried my best to hide the string and viola; a beautiful wreath (if I do say so myself).

To decorate the cheap plastic hanger, I just used double sided tape and wrapped it in ribbon then tied a bow like you would use to tie your shoes around the top. All in all, this project cost me less than $15 and I am soooo in love with the final product-definitely money well spent!

And that’s my surprise challenge. I hope you feel just a little more festive, because you know I do! Now go show a poor, abandoned, lonely wreath how loved it really can be this holiday season! (I often assume inanimate objects have far more feelings than they really do, I realize logically they don’t have feelings, but, hey, life’s way more fun believing that the premise for Toy Story could totally be real. You should have seen the moral dilemma I had when a friend gave me a new stuffed animal and I decided he didn’t get along with my other stuffed animal…yeah that happened this year…yeah it is *definitely* a story for another day).


Sequins: Drinking Up Wine Country

Monsieur and I spent Saturday being chauffeured by his dad around the wine valleys in western Oregon, touring the vineyards and drinking ridiculously great wine.

Jacket: from France. Sweatshirt & Dress: Thrifted. Leggings: Sojourner. Boots: Joma. Bag: melie bianco. Wine Glass: Witness Tree Vineyard

I’ve totally had this jacket since I went to France, right before starting freshman year. I love it, but the button refuses to stay stitched on and the zipper officially needs replaced. God do I love it, though.

Here’s a better shot of the sweatshirt. This picture almost captures the magic of the sequins and lace sewn into the girl’s picture. I love this sweatshirt so much.

Sequins: Pinterest Challenge Tunisian Crocheting

Hey! So, apparently I’m bad at photographing things that I make. I swear I have actually been keeping up on my Pinterest challenges, though!

But for today, I have only one endeavor to show off. Inspired by Stripes’ recent forays into learning how to crochet, I decided to learn a new crochet technique and used this tutorial to learn how to Tunisian Crochet. It’s super easy and I’m excited about it. I’m hoping to turn this into some earwarmers for my stepsisters as an easy-peasy Christmas present. I got the yarn from an amazing local yarn store up in my small town, and it is from the softest alpaca I’ve ever touched.

Sequins: Turkey-Free Turkeyday

ImageShirt: MNKR, Tank: H&M, Sweater: Target, Jeggings: Aeropostle, Joma, Bag: melie bianco

This is my post-Thanksgiving outfit. The monsieur and I are visiting his parents in Oregon for the trip, and apparently Oregon is abundantly full of beautiful fall foliage.

The shirt is part of a fun little thing that my sister, my BIL, monsieur and I are doing that involves all of us having a bear shirt. The jeggings (God help me I hate that word almost as much as I hate admitting that I own a pair) were a gift from this really wonderfully sweet woman I tutor in English, the bag has the BEST story attached to it and the shoes are new and on sale.

The bag story begins when I bought a different (beautiful) red bag that ripped before the first week of ownership was out. I took it back to the store and the owner was really great. She said she hadn’t bought that particular line before so she couldn’t assure me it wouldn’t happen instead. She toured her shop with me and picked out this one (which cost about thirty dollars more) and said she carried this line for a long time and could vouch for it, and would give me the bag as an even trade. Added bonus? She let me keep the old bag, so we’ll see if some gorilla glue and stitches can’t fix it right up.

The boots were to fulfill my need of boots that don’t have heels, and these have the added bonus of laces up the back.

With the exception of our trip to the store for cold medicine for monsieur’s mother, this trip has been very relaxed and low-maintenance, which is just the way I like my holidays. Instead of a big shebang at monsieur’s family friends’ place, we stayed in (his mother is under the weather, after all), and she cooked a ham with mashed potatoes and delicious crock-pot style veggies. I made the glaze (I am very unkitchened in my ways).

We played bananagrams and watched the last two Harry Potter films after lunch and munched on pumpkin pie for dinner. Today has been filled with Starfox, Pinterest,  and monsieur playing the guitar.

Stripes: Pinterest Challenge: Pumpkin Cake w/ Bonus Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting


Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and, if you’re choosing to celebrate, Black Friday. This year was my first year not returning home for the holidays (it is a lot less fun when you don’t eat meat or dairy and by volunteering to work this one, I got both Christmas and New Years off. Fair trade, if you ask me) and because of this I found several little ways to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. One of which, was to make these cupcakes I have been lusting after for the last couple of months (I also whipped up some mashed potatoes and peas to eat for dinner…the only thing aside from pumpkin pie and a roll I would have had anyways).

I seriously started scouring the store for canned pumpkin in late summer, but couldn’t find any until about a month ago. Since then I’ve thought abut making them at least once a week but I’ve been too busy to bake in the craziness that has been the last couple weeks so I kept putting it off.

These are seriously the easiest cupcakes ever. There are only 2 ingredients: yellow cake and pumpkin. While I was at the store earlier that day I decided a cream cheese frosting would be amazing on these guys since the recipe only calls for a sprinkling of powdered sugar, so I called my lovely friend Josh (who seriously knows everything about baking) and got the recipe for a basic cream cheese frosting. This is a picture of the frosting…I forgot to take pictures of the cake batter.

The frosting ended up being 16 oz of cream cheese, 3/4 of a can of pumpkin, several table spoons of powdered sugar, and loads of pumpkin spice and cinnamon. I mixed this up while the cupcakes were in the oven and frosted them after popping the cupcakes in the fridge for a little bit to help them cool. This is the final product. They were a little to dairy-full for my tummy so I didn’t really get to enjoy them BUT I sent them to a friend’s house and they went over well. So while I am bummed I didn’t get to really eat my weight in pumpkin cupcakes, the holidays are all about, in my book anyways, sharing love (and more importantly, baked goods) with your friends.

I also have a bonus challenge I am going to post tomorrow and I will give you three hints about what I have on the docket:

One- I got it on Black Friday

Two- It smells uh-mazing

Three- It’s a craft I’ve never tried before

I am beyond excited for this project (literally, I mused about it for about 4 hours of my 8 hour shift last night). Any guesses on what I am up to?

Until tomorrow,


Sequins: A Fail In Every Way

You know that one sweater hanging in the back of your closet that you pretend to never see? Or that shirt you have, the one that has a great print but doesn’t seem to fit right, no matter what your weight is? Well, I threw on my least favorite articles of clothing on Tuesday, which would’ve been alright, except the photos were taken when Stripes & I met up with some friends for lunch. The lighting is terrible, and after a lot of Gimp editing, I give you:

The outfit that wasn’t. I think the only reason I keep this sweater (::Sojourner) around is for my eventual plan to dye it a darker color. Maroon, perhaps? Maybe even black. But this pink is horrible. The shirt (::Thrifted, F21) has this really cute colorful safari print on it, but it never sits correctly. The hat (::me!) is perfect for cold weather but this photo washes it out.

Stripes: A Rare Look at my Work Atire

Hey! So I know you usually see Sequins in her work clothes and me in my milling around and being a college student clothes. Well, since I’m sure you were wondering, this is one of my fall back work outfits. I work at a front desk so I try to look fairly professional. Well, until things like this happen:Haha, yep goofy even when wearing big girl, grown up clothes. Anyways, my life as of recent has been filled with a’capella, Boy Bands (heck yes I mean you BSB and N*Sync), Christmas Carols, and reading for school. AND vocal percussion. Yes, you heard right. I am learning to beatbox…as my parents like to think of it, *another* way for me to make more noise. I am definitely someone who takes living out loud very seriously :D.

Coat: Kohls (old), Shirt: Target (old), Scarf: Pedros at the Panida (old), Belt: Wet Seal (old), Pants: Gap (old-ish), Shoes: Lucky Brand via Macys (recent)


Stripes: Pinterest Challenge- Learn to Crochet!

Hey! Sorry for the lack of posts on my side of the blog, I was faced with the trifecta of awful on Friday (huge paper due in one class, smaller paper due in another, and a midterm in the third). While I’m pretty sure I’ve kicked butt on at least 2 out of the 3 (that midterm was tough!), I’ve also gotten a little behind on posting. In other words, expect an explosion (figuratively, of course) of postings from me in the next couple of days.

Without any further adieu, here is my Pinterest Challenge of the week:I learned how to get this far from this pin. But the funny thing is I have been reluctant to learn to turn around and do something beyond really long chains (I have been making chains and pulling them out and making them again all week as a stress reliever) so Sequins finally stepped in, made me get over my yearning for the most perfect chain that has ever been made, and learn how to make actual, useful crocheted stuff. So there will be more crocheted awesomeness in the future!

Clothing posts are on their way. Again, sorry for the delay but it is [mostly] smooth sailing until finals week.


Sequins: Because we skipped a day

(for a different project. bear shirt: thrifted)

Sequins: Tuesday Sick Day

Up until now, there has been a steady dose of what I wear at work (we take the pictures on my lunch break) and what Stripes wears while not-at-work (she’s a college student, after all)

Tuesday I stayed home from work, though, since i had spent the entire weekend deathly ill (a slight exaggeration? Perhaps. But it still felt that way) and Stripes swung by my apartment to get photos in the park literally across the street. Since I had to make a trip to the store anyway (emergency supplies were running low), I got dressed and grabbed my camera.

Sweater: Energy, Scarf: Campus, Sunglasses: F21,
Top & Shorts: downtown boutique, Tank: Romy’s,
Tights: Macy’s, Shoes: FM, Bag: Powell’s

Everything about this outfit is just incredibly comfortable, so it made up for feeling completely horrid.

This bag is hand’s down my favorite tote. When my (older) sister turned 25 last February, my mom and I took her to Portland for a weekend, where we went to our collectively favorite place in the world: Powell’s, The City of Books. *cue nostalgic sigh here

When I travel down to Salem to spend Thanksgiving with Monsieur and his family, his mom has already planned a trip to Powell’s into my stay. Because she understands.

Oh and don’t worry, my pinterest challenges are coming soon. Would you like a tease? I thought so. Soon you will see my…

-DIYed Deer Silhouette Embroidery Hoop to hold my earrings
-Refashioned paperclip holder for my bobby pins
-Earwarmers made from Tunisian stitches

That’s right, it just knocks your socks off, I’m sure. In the meantime, though, here’s a love note I made for monsieur inspired from this pin