Monthly Archives: October 2011

Sequins: The Best of Both Worlds

Not only did today’s outfit involve sequins, it also involved stripes. A word, first, on the sequins: this skirt is from high school, and it has survived a lot. Not the least including the Great Glue Spill of ’07. This skirt has seen me through some hard times (like when I thought pairing it with my converse was the best decision ever) and some lean times (like when I plumped up too much to wear this skirt). This skirt even outliveed its zipper, which my wonderfully tralented mother
Jacket, Sweater & Shirt: Target. Skirt: Wet Seal, 7.y.a. Boots: Mi Chous. Scarf: H&M. Necklace: Thrifted. Tights: Old Navy.
The rest of the outfit is fairly subdued for what was a fairly subdued Tuesday at work. Actually it was a very bizarre, not-that-good day, but it ended with Monsieur and I driving to Village Books and me using a 20% off coupon for my own copy of The Wind Up Girl (which is a fabulously interesting, thought-provoking book)

Tights were definitely involved in the outfit, even though you can’t really see unless I pose like I did in the above picture. Which is kind of a shame, since the tights are the exact color as some of the sequins.

No dead bird on my neck today, but rather, a bear that looks more like a raccoon bred with a bear and their offspring didn’t watch their weight very carefully and gained a sizable rump.

Sequins: Fall Work Uniform

This is the most typical uniform I have for work. Some amount of ridiculous color, a dress that almost wavers on too short, and a third “piece”. Today a vest, tomorrow a scarf.

Dress, Vest & Necklace: Thrifted Tights: ?? Boots: Target

Also, what compliments a look more than a bronzed bird skull? The answer: Nothing, my friends. Nothing will pull a look together more than a bronzed bird skull.

It was actually pretty chilly though. I think fall is skipping quickly into winter! Whoa, there, Northwest Weather! Way to throw a curveball…Thus the coat. This coat is amazing. It’s filled with down, super perfectly comfortable for anything and everything below 43′, and and and the best part? I totally got it 90% off.

I kid you not.